UN approves watered-down resolution on aid deliveries to Gaza

UN approves watered-down resolution on aid deliveries to Gaza

At UN Security Council, a resolution aimed at expediting aid deliveries to civilians in Gaza was adopted with notable modifications. The initial call for an “urgent suspension of hostilities” between Israel and Hamas was omitted from the final resolution. The vote, with the United States and Russia abstaining, resulted in a 13-0 majority.

The revised text, negotiated over a week and a half, garnered support from the United States, described by U.S. Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield as a “strong” resolution. However, the key provision urging the immediate suspension of hostilities for humanitarian access was replaced with a call for “urgent steps” to enable safe aid delivery and create conditions for a sustained cessation of hostilities.

The resolution also underwent changes regarding the monitoring of humanitarian relief consignments to Gaza. The previous request for the UN to exclusively oversee all aid routes was replaced with a call for UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres to appoint a senior humanitarian and reconstruction coordinator. This coordinator would be responsible for facilitating, coordinating, monitoring, and verifying relief deliveries to Gaza from external parties.

The new resolution demands cooperation from the conflicting parties, Israel and Hamas, with the appointed coordinator and urges the establishment of a mechanism to expedite aid deliveries. The modifications aim to address the humanitarian crisis in Gaza while navigating the complexities of the Israel-Hamas conflict.

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