U.S. Affirms Support for Canada Amidst Foreign Affairs Crisis

U.S. Affirms Support

In the midst of a challenging foreign-affairs crisis that has put it in a delicate position. The United States is reiterating its support for Canada. The U.S. vehemently denied accusations of hesitancy in publicly backing Canada, following Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s allegations that the Indian government was involved in the extrajudicial killing of a Canadian citizen on Canadian soil.

A recent report in the Washington Post claimed that Canada had been attempting, unsuccessfully, to garner public condemnation of the murder from its allies. In response, a senior U.S. administration official reached out to CBC News to challenge this portrayal. The official refuted the idea that Canada had requested the U.S. to publicly denounce the murder. It emphasized that they had not refused to do so.

The official stated, “Reports of Canada seeking public condemnation from the U.S. and our reluctance to speak on this matter are untrue. In fact, we have been quite clear in expressing our deep concern shortly after PM Trudeau’s announcement.”

What official Says

Furthermore, the official pointed to a statement made by Adrienne Watson, a spokesperson for the White House national security council, issued on Monday night. This statement called upon the Indian government to cooperate with the Canadian investigation.

However, these allegations come at a time when the United States is actively seeking to strengthen its relationship with India. It particularly given the escalating rivalry between Washington and Beijing. Just a few weeks ago, India’s prime minister received a warm reception at the White House.

Meanwhile, Canada’s other Five Eyes allies have shown limited inclination to become entangled in the escalating dispute between Ottawa and New Delhi regarding allegations that Indian agents were involved in the assassination of Canadian citizen Hardeep Singh Nijjar in Surrey, B.C., on June 18.

Most of these allies have chosen to treat the allegation as a matter still requiring investigation. Despite the Trudeau government’s belief that it possesses enough information to make an accusation in Parliament and expel a diplomat.

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