Two patients died at hospital besieged by Israel

Two patients died at hospital besieged by Israel

Two patients died at hospital besieged by Israel

Israeli military has claimed that Hamas militants, responsible for the unrest in southern Israel last month, have positioned command centers under Shifa hospital and other locations in Gaza. This assertion raises concerns about the safety of these sites, as they could be deemed military targets by Israeli forces.

Amid the reported clashes between the Israeli military and Hamas gunmen in and around Gaza City. The Palestinian health ministry spokesperson, Ashraf Al-Qidra, disclosed distressing incidents. Tragically, a baby in an incubator at Gaza’s largest hospital died after the facility lost power. Additionally, another individual was reportedly killed by an Israeli shell in intensive care.

Qidra, representing the health ministry in Hamas-controlled Gaza, described a dire situation at the Al Shifa Medical Complex, with claims that the facility is besieged and many of its buildings targeted by the Israeli occupation. The Israeli military, however, has not responded to these allegations.

The military’s statement suggests a strategic concern, asserting that hospitals need evacuation to deal with Hamas, which has allegedly turned them into fortified positions. The Israeli military’s intention to address this issue remains unclear.

Hamas has denied allegations of using civilians as human shields. Health officials express growing concerns about the risk. It can be posed to patients, medical staff, and evacuees in and around hospitals subjected to Israeli strikes.

According to Qidra, Israeli army snipers on nearby rooftops intermittently fired into the medical complex, limiting movement for medics and residents. The Al Shifa Medical Complex had to suspend operations due to fuel shortages. It is leading to the tragic death of a newborn in an incubator.

Hamas has requested the United Nations and the International Committee of the Red Cross to investigate the Israeli allegations regarding the military use of Shifa hospital.

Palestinian Health Ministry

The Palestinian Health Ministry, based in the Israeli-occupied West Bank issued report. It state that 39 premature babies at Shifa were at risk due to the lack of electricity and fuel. Initially stating multiple deaths, the ministry later corrected the information, confirming one fatality and ongoing threats to the remaining infants.

WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus expressed concern over the situation. He note that health workers at Shifa had been forced to leave the hospital for safety reasons. The conflict continues to escalate, with the humanitarian impact on medical facilities and vulnerable populations.

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