Texas Game Preserve Fire spread 3000 Acres, Forcing Overnight Evacuations


Overnight, residents of Texas found themselves in a situation of urgency as a wildfire originating in Walker County, known as the Game Preserve Fire, rapidly consumed thousands of acres of land. This devastating event began on a Friday afternoon near Huntsville, which is approximately an hour’s drive north of Houston, and by the following morning, only 10% of the fire had been brought under control, according to official reports.

Officials from Walker County’s Office of Emergency Management issued evacuation orders for residents in a neighborhood situated about 20 minutes north of Huntsville, and these orders remained in effect on Saturday. The situation was dire, with ranchers like Andy Walker witnessing the ominous plumes of smoke rising into the sky as they worked to move their cattle to safety. He described the scene as eerie, with ash falling everywhere and a palpable sense of fear growing along with the blaze.

Firefighters in the region were actively engaged in constructing containment lines and patrolling affected areas, all while awaiting the arrival of additional firefighting crews scheduled for Saturday. The scale of the devastation prompted many individuals to share videos and warnings online, emphasizing the importance of safety.


In response to this crisis, Texas Governor Greg Abbott took swift action by directing the Texas A&M Forest Service to activate an air tanker base in Austin on Friday, just ahead of the Labor Day weekend. This move was aimed at providing enhanced support to both state and local officials as they battled the wildfire. Governor Abbott also urged Texans to remain vigilant, especially given the triple-digit heat forecasted for the Labor Day weekend, and advised caution to prevent accidental fires, such as those caused by sparks or flames in these dry and hot conditions.

It’s important to note that Texas is currently facing abnormally dry or drought conditions, with daytime temperatures reaching as high as 100 degrees Fahrenheit, as reported by the US Drought Monitor. These challenging environmental factors have compounded the severity of the wildfire situation.

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