Russian missile strike on Odesa has killed one person and injured 18 others

Russian missile

Russia attacked Odesa, a major Ukrainian port city on the Black Sea, early on Sunday. The attack killed one person and injured 18, including four children. Residential and religious infrastructure was also damaged.

The attack came after Russia withdrew from a United Nations-brokered agreement that allowed for the safe shipment of Ukrainian grain. Ukraine has accused Russia of using the sea corridor to launch “terrorist attacks.”

The Russian military said it launched high-precision Onyx missiles and sea-to-shore Kalibr cruise missiles on Odesa. The scale of the attack was not immediately known.

The Spaso-Preobrazhenskyi Cathedral, the city’s largest Orthodox church, was severely damaged in the attack. Social media videos showed rubble inside a dark church-like structure lit up by a fire.

Russia has not commented on the attack.

The attack is the latest in a series of Russian strikes on Odesa and other Ukrainian food export facilities. The strikes have raised concerns about the global food supply, as Ukraine is a major exporter of wheat and other commodities.

The United Nations has called on Russia to stop the attacks and allow for the safe passage of Ukrainian grain. However, Russia has so far refused to do so.

The attack on Odesa is a reminder of the ongoing human cost of the war in Ukraine. It is also a reminder of the importance of finding a peaceful resolution to the conflict.

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