Russian Attacks Civilians of Ukraine on their Independence day

Russian Attacks Civilians of Ukraine on their Independence day

On the occasion of Ukraine’s 32nd anniversary of independence from Moscow, a series of Russian attacks across the country have resulted in casualties and destruction. At least one person lost their life, and 16 individuals sustained injuries in the assaults, which targeted the cities of Kherson, Dnipro, and the frontline town of Kurakhove.

In the city of Dnipro, a Russian missile strike struck a bus terminal, leaving 10 people wounded, according to regional governor Serhiy Lysak. The explosion caused extensive damage to adjacent shops, with some reduced to ruins and others littered with shattered glass and ruined merchandise. Witnesses recounted the devastation, with shop owners expressing their anger and frustration at the attack on a civilian target.

Further south, in the Kherson region, a farmer was tragically killed by shelling while working in a field near the village of Shyroka Balka. Additionally, three people were wounded in the same area, including a seven-year-old girl who was injured by Russian shelling in the city center of Kherson. The general prosecutor’s office reported that another attack struck a private house, injuring two individuals and causing severe damage to the building.

Separately, in the eastern Donetsk region’s town of Kurakhove, a supermarket came under attack, leading to injuries for three local residents. Despite the reports, independent verification of these incidents remains challenging.

The timing of these strikes is notable, as the attacks occurred on a national holiday celebrating Ukraine’s post-Soviet independence. The date marks exactly 18 months since Russia’s comprehensive invasion of Ukraine began. It’s worth noting that while Russia has consistently carried out strikes on Ukrainian areas far from the front lines, the country denies any intentional targeting of civilians.

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