Russian attack on Ukraine train station kills 5

Ukraine train station

In a distressing turn of events, Russia unleashed a barrage of approximately 50 Shahed drones on targets in Ukraine, coupled with an artillery assault on a train station in Kherson, where over 100 civilians had gathered to catch a train to Kyiv. Ukrainian officials revealed that at least 5 people lost their lives, and the southern city of Kherson witnessed a widespread power outage.

This aerial onslaught occurred following a prior incident where Ukrainian warplanes inflicted damage on a Russian ship anchored in the Black Sea off Crimea. The protracted 22-month conflict has seen limited progress along the front lines, with both Ukrainian and Russian forces grappling for territorial gains.

Overnight, Kremlin forces conducted an artillery and drone assault on the Kherson region, targeting the capital city of the same name. Ukrainian Interior Minister Ihor Klymenko reported that around 140 civilians were waiting for a train at the local station when the attack occurred, resulting in the tragic death of a police officer and two civilians. Two other officers were wounded.

Fortunately, more than 100 individuals who were present at the train station during the attack managed to reach Kyiv on Wednesday morning, according to national rail operator Ukrzaliznytsia.

The assault on the Kherson region extended beyond the train station, impacting residential areas, a shopping mall, and the power grid. This left roughly 70 percent of households in Kherson city without electricity, exacerbating the situation amid cold temperatures, as mentioned by regional Governor Oleksandr Prokudin. The restoration of power remains uncertain at this point.

Notably, targeting energy infrastructure has been a recurring tactic employed by Russia, reminiscent of previous winters. In Odesa, another major city in southern Ukraine, a drone assault resulted in the tragic death of two individuals and left three others wounded, including a 17-year-old male, according to regional Governor Oleh Kiper.

Ukraine’s air force reported intercepting 32 out of the 46 drones launched by Russia overnight, underscoring the ongoing technological and strategic challenges in the conflict. The situation remains fluid, with the international community closely monitoring developments and expressing concerns over the escalating violence and civilian casualties in the region.

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