Russia raises the age limit for military conscription at least five years

military conscription

Russia’s parliament has extended the maximum age at which men can be mobilized to serve in the army by at least five years. The new law, which was passed on Tuesday, July 18, 2023, means that men can now be called up to serve until the age of 70 for the highest-ranking officers, 65 for other senior ranks, 60 for junior officers, and 55 for all others.

The move is seen as a way for Russia to replenish its military ranks after suffering heavy losses in the ongoing war in Ukraine. The war has been going on for more than four months now, and Russia has been struggling to make progress. The country has been forced to call up reservists and conscripts, but these forces have not been enough to turn the tide of the war.

The new law is also seen as a sign that Russia is preparing for a long war in Ukraine. The country is reportedly amassing troops and equipment on its border with Ukraine, and there are fears that it could launch a new offensive.

The extension of the military age eligibility has been met with mixed reactions. Some people have welcomed the move, saying that it is necessary to ensure that Russia has a strong military. Others have criticized the move, saying that it is a sign that Russia is preparing for a prolonged war.

It remains to be seen how the new law will impact the war in Ukraine. However, it is clear that Russia is determined to continue fighting, and the extension of the military age eligibility is a sign that the country is preparing for a long and bloody conflict.

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