Pragyan Rover Has Effectively Traveled A Distance Of 8 Meters

Pragyan Rover Has Effectively Traveled A Distance Of 8 Meters

India’s space agency, ISRO, shared some fantastic news about their lunar adventure. The Pragyan Rover, which rolled out from the Vikram lander, has traveled about 8 meters on the moon! ISRO also said that they’ve checked and everything’s going well with the rover’s movements and its special tools that do experiments.

Remember, not too long ago, ISRO landed softly on the moon’s south pole. People were really curious about what the Pragyan Rover would do next. Now, the spotlight is on the cool science stuff it’s going to discover.

In a video, ISRO explained how the Pragyan Rover was able to smoothly leave the Vikram lander. They used 26 smart devices that they made in Bengaluru. One important thing was a solar panel that gave power to the rover before it started moving. The rover came down a ramp with two parts, like taking stairs slowly, to get safely on the moon.

This news about the rover moving well and its tools working properly is a big deal. It shows that ISRO knows how to do really cool things in space. And as the Pragyan Rover keeps rolling around on the moon, scientists around the world are really excited to see what new things we’ll learn about our moon.

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