Pass Rates Vary at Ontario’s DriveTest Centres


Regional Differences in Driving Test Success

When it comes to passing driving tests in Ontario, not all DriveTest centres are created equal. A recent report reveals that Simcoe’s DriveTest centre boasts a 73 percent pass rate, outperforming Hamilton’s 67 percent. However, the differences in pass rates across the province are even more significant.

The DriveTest centre in Bancroft stands out with the highest pass rate at an impressive 88 percent. On the flip side, the lowest pass rate is in Brampton, where only 59 percent of drivers succeed in their tests. The average pass rate across Ontario hovers at 69 percent.

Experts suggest several factors influencing these disparities. In urban areas like downtown Toronto, dealing with inconsiderate drivers can make the driving test more challenging. On the other hand, rural test centres might have a reputation for being easier, attracting more out-of-town test-takers. However, these drivers often struggle due to their unfamiliarity with the area.

Concerns Raised

Brian Patterson, CEO of the Ontario Safety League, expressed concern over these differences, emphasizing the need for changes in how DriveTest operates. He highlighted the importance of addressing the issue.

Seeking Consistency

While there are varying pass rates, both the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario (MTO) and Serco Canada Inc., the organization operating DriveTest Centres, declined interviews. MTO spokesperson Tanya Blazina stated that reviews are conducted to ensure tests and examiners meet ministry standards. The province also emphasized that uniform criteria are applied to evaluate drivers, regardless of the test location.

In conclusion, the disparities in pass rates across Ontario’s DriveTest centres underscore the need for attention to ensure fairness and consistency in the testing process. Read more:

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