Mitchell Marsh at the center of controversy in India

Mitchell Marsh trophy

In a surprising turn of events, Australian cricketer Mitchell Marsh has found himself at the center of controversy in India, following his team’s victory over India in the World Cup finals in Ahmedabad.

The Australian team clinched their sixth World Cup title, defeating India by six wickets on November 19th. However, the celebration took an unexpected turn when a photo of Marsh, seemingly disrespecting the coveted trophy, went viral on social media.

The controversial image, initially shared on Instagram by Australian skipper Pat Cummins, captured Marsh with his feet on the World Cup trophy. The gesture did not go unnoticed, sparking widespread criticism from both the media and fans, who deemed it a disrespectful act towards cricket’s most prestigious award.

Indian pacer Mohammed Shami, expressing his disappointment, stated, “I am hurt. The trophy for which all the teams in the world fight, the trophy which you want to lift over your head, keeping a foot on that trophy did not make me happy.”

Taking the disapproval a step further, an RTI activist from Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, named Pandit Keshav, lodged a formal complaint against Mitchell Marsh. On November 24th, Keshav filed an FIR against the Australian cricketer, alleging that Marsh’s actions had deeply offended the sentiments of Indian cricket fans.

The activist, not stopping at the FIR, also wrote to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, urging him to take action and prevent Marsh from playing cricket in India.

Pandit Keshav forwarded a copy of the complaint to Prime Minister Modi, emphasizing the need for a strong response to uphold the dignity of the sport. In the letter, he stressed that Marsh’s actions were not only disrespectful but also had a profound impact on the emotions of Indian cricket enthusiasts.

Prime Minister Modi shown support for the Indian cricket team

It’s worth noting that Prime Minister Modi had already shown support for the Indian cricket team after their loss, consoling and encouraging the players. In a video shared by ANI on November 19th, PM Modi personally invited the team to meet him in Delhi, offering words of encouragement and reminding them of their impressive journey to the finals. Despite the setback, PM Modi urged the players to maintain high spirits, stating, “You reached here after winning 10 matches. These things happen.”

As the controversy surrounding Mitchell Marsh unfolds, cricket enthusiasts and the public await further developments, wondering how this incident will impact the Australian player’s future engagements in India.

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