Manipur Police files FIR against Assam Rifles for obstruction of duty

The Manipur Police have filed a criminal case against the Assam Rifles for obstruction of duty and criminal intimidation. The police allege that the Assam Rifles personnel prevented them from conducting a search operation to trace the suspected attackers of a father-son duo and another person who were hacked to death in their sleep in the Bishnupur district on August 5.

The police say that the Assam Rifles used armored vehicles to block their way and refused to let them proceed to the area where the killings took place. They also allege that the Assam Rifles personnel were arrogant and rude, and that they threatened the police officers.

The Assam Rifles has denied the allegations, saying that they were acting strictly in accordance with the mandate of the unified headquarters of strict enforcement of buffer zone guidelines towards the aim of preventing violence between the two communities.

The case has sparked a controversy, with the Manipur government ordering the replacement of the Assam Rifles from one of the several check posts on the Churachandpur-Bishnupur boundary. The Army has said that it will continue to remain firm and resolute in its actions to prevent any attempt that could result in furthering violence in an already volatile atmosphere.

The incident highlights the tensions that exist between the Assam Rifles and the Manipur Police, as well as the challenges of maintaining peace in the state. The ethnic violence that has erupted in Manipur since May has claimed more than 150 lives, and the situation remains volatile. The Manipur Police and the Assam Rifles need to work together to bring the violence to an end and restore peace to the state.

In addition to the ethnic violence, Manipur is also facing a number of other challenges, including insurgency, drug trafficking, and poverty. The state government needs to address these challenges in order to create a more peaceful and prosperous future for the people of Manipur.

Sumann Senguptaa

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