Jordan Cancels Four-Way Summit Amid Escalating Israel-Hamas Conflict

Jordan Cancels Four-Way Summit Amid Escalating Israel-Hamas Conflict

Jordan Cancels Four-Way Summit Amid Escalating Israel-Hamas Conflict:

Amid the ongoing conflict between the Israeli military and Hamas militants in the Gaza Strip, a highly anticipated four-way summit scheduled for Wednesday in the Jordanian capital, Amman, has been canceled. Jordan Cancels Four-Way Summit.

The summit, which was to bring together U.S. President Joe Biden, Jordanian King Abdullah II, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, and Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, was intended to address the recent Oct. 7 Hamas attack on Israel and discuss humanitarian aid for Gaza’s civilians.

The cancellation was confirmed by Jordan’s Foreign Minister, Ayman Safadi, who emphasized the urgency of ending the hostilities before engaging in diplomatic discussions. Safadi stated that the ongoing war had pushed the region to a dangerous precipice. It is making it impractical to hold the summit at this time.

The White House had high hopes for the summit. It was seen as an opportunity for President Biden to engage with America’s Arab allies and the Palestinian Authority. It is a long-standing opponent of Hamas. President Biden also aimed to stress the necessity of delivering humanitarian assistance to the beleaguered civilians in Gaza.

The four-way summit will not proceed as planned. President Biden is still expected to spend part of Wednesday in Tel Aviv for talks with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other officials. Israel is reportedly preparing for a ground offensive aimed at eliminating Hamas militants responsible for the Oct. 7 attacks.

United States support for Insrael

The United States has demonstrated its unwavering support for Israel during the conflict. The U.S. has stationed a carrier strike group in the eastern Mediterranean as a show of solidarity, with another group on the way. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has affirmed that the U.S. is providing unconditional security assistance to Israel at this critical time.

President Biden has maintained strong support for Israel while also emphasizing the need to prevent a severe humanitarian crisis in Gaza. The Hamas authorities claim that around 3,000 people have already lost their lives in Israeli bombardments.

In a recent interview, President Biden stated that an Israeli occupation of Gaza would be a “big mistake.” The White House’s national security spokesperson, John Kirby, expressed the administration’s commitment to working with all regional partners, including Israel, to ensure the delivery of humanitarian aid and provide safe passage for civilians.

The Biden-Netanyahu meeting, occurring in the midst of the conflict, highlights the collaboration between the U.S. and Israel. Despite differing political perspectives on the Middle East’s way forward. The face-to-face meeting allows President Biden to privately discuss concerns and potential red lines in the anticipated Gaza invasion. The issue of hostages taken by Hamas will also be on the agenda.

The U.S. State Department reported that 29 American citizens lost their lives in the Hamas attacks in Israel. With 15 U.S. citizens and one lawful permanent resident still unaccounted for. The situation in the region continues to evolve. Diplomatic efforts remain critical to finding a lasting solution to the Israel-Hamas conflict.

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