Italian military jet crash killed 5 year old girl

5, killed after Italian military jet crash

TURIN, Italy – A harrowing incident unfolded in Turin as an Italian military jet crash participating in an acrobatic exercise, claiming the life of a five-year-old girl in a car on the ground.

Heart-wrenching footage captured the pilot’s miraculous ejection moments before the aircraft’s impact, followed by a massive fireball near Turin Airport.

The crash also resulted in severe injuries to the girl’s nine-year-old brother, while their parents sustained burns in the devastating incident.

Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini expressed his deep sorrow, describing the crash as a “terrible tragedy.”

Video recordings near Turin’s main airport depict nine aircraft ascending in two tightly-knit formations. Suddenly, one of the planes deviates from the group, plummeting to the ground. Thick black smoke billows as the pilot deploys a parachute after safely ejecting from the stricken aircraft.

Guido Crosetto Statement

Initial reports from local Italian media suggest that the military jet may have collided with a flock of birds. It possibly lead to an avian entering the engine and causing engine failure.

The Italian military jet crash belonged to the renowned Frecce Tricolori demonstration team. The event had scheduled its participation in commemorating the Italian air force’s centennial on Sunday.

Italy’s Defense Minister, Guido Crosetto, extended condolences to the affected family members and emphasized that all necessary resources and expertise had been made available for managing the emergency and supporting those involved.

Taking to social media, Deputy Prime Minister Salvini confirmed that the pilot “jumped out with his parachute at the last moment.” He added, “A frightening tragedy,” expressing his condolences and offering comforting words during this incredibly difficult time.

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