India-Canada Relationship Strained Over Allegations of Interference and Diplomatic Disputes

India-Canada Relationship

India-Canada Relationship is currently facing a challenging phase. It is with allegations of “continued interference” by Canadian personnel in India’s internal affairs. According to India’s foreign affairs minister, S. Jaishankar. This strained relationship stems from Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s recent suggestion. It said Indian agents may have been involved in the murder of a Sikh separatist leader in British Columbia. India vehemently denies this allegation.

Jaishankar emphasized that the issues between the two countries are primarily linked to a specific segment of Canadian politics and its resulting policies. In response to the situation, Canada withdrew 41 of its diplomats from India after New Delhi unilaterally revoked their official diplomatic status. Trudeau expressed concern. He said that this crackdown on Canadian diplomats was adversely affecting the lives of millions of people in both countries.

India defended its actions by invoking diplomatic parity under the Vienna Convention due to concerns about persistent interference in its affairs by Canadian personnel. Jaishankar hinted at more information becoming public over time, shedding light on India’s discomfort with some Canadian diplomats.

Melanie Joly Response

In response, Canada’s Foreign Minister Melanie Joly criticized India’s stance as unreasonable and unprecedented. It is asserting that it violated the Vienna Convention on diplomatic relations.

Furthermore, Jaishankar revealed that India had ceased issuing visas in Canada a few weeks ago due to concerns about the safety and security of its diplomats. He indicated that visa issuance would resume if progress were made in ensuring the safety of Indian diplomats working in Canada.

It’s worth noting that around two million Canadians, constituting approximately five percent of the population, have Indian heritage. Additionally, India is Canada’s largest source of overseas students, accounting for roughly 40 percent of study permit holders.

The strained India-Canada Relationship highlight the complexities and sensitivities surrounding diplomatic interactions. With both countries expressing their concerns and grievances on various fronts. The situation remains fluid. The future of their relationship will likely depend on the resolution of these issues and the restoration of mutual trust.

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