Cult Leader and Followers had Presence in Saskatchewan

Cult of self-proclaimed 'Queen of Canada' threatens Sask. village with public executions

In a concerning development, an extremist cult leader and her followers have established a presence in a small Saskatchewan village. It is located approximately 83 kilometers northwest of Maple Creek near the Alberta border. The group has not only raised alarm by their presence but has also called for the public execution of elected officials.

Extremist Cult Leader and Followers Establish Presence in Saskatchewan Village

Romana Didulo, known for her association with far-right QAnon conspiracy theories. She has declared herself the “Queen of Canada” and has assumed other titles, including that of a national Indigenous leader. She has garnered a significant following by promoting conspiracy theories and issuing what she terms as “decrees” through social media platforms, with a particular emphasis on Telegram, a messaging app that has gained popularity among far-right groups.

Didulo and her followers, who identify themselves as the ‘Kingdom of Canada,’ have been traveling across the country for some time. On September 13, they were forced to leave Kamsack, Saskatchewan, due to community opposition. Subsequently, they arrived in the village of Richmound on September 15 and have been residing at the former Richmound School, having been invited by the property owner.

Richmound Mayor Brad Miller expressed deep concerns about the presence of the group in the village. They citing escalating tensions and heightened mental health concerns among residents. He noted that residents are increasingly feeling unsafe with the cult in their midst.


Local independent news outlet Community TV, based in Medicine Hat, Alberta, has been closely monitoring the cult’s activities in Richmound. Thomas Fougere, a reporter with the outlet, highlighted the apprehension among villagers regarding the group’s extreme beliefs, behavior, and potential impact on children in the village. As a precaution, the local playground near the school has been closed to children to prevent any confrontations or harm.

On September 24, taking inspiration from Kamsack’s success in driving Didulo and her followers out of town. Residents of Richmound staged a protest. They display signs, parading their cars near the school, and honking their horns to call for the cult to leave.

Fougere noted that Didulo’s followers inside the school compound appeared agitated during the protest. It is emphasizing the deep concerns within the community about this extremist group’s presence.

The situation in Richmound underscores the challenges that communities face. It is when extremist groups, driven by conspiracy theories and radical ideologies, establish themselves in their midst. Local authorities and residents continue to grapple with finding a solution to this concerning issue.

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