Canadian Prime Minister and Wife Announce End of 18-Year Marriage

Canadian Prime Minister and Wife

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his wife Sophie Gregoire Trudeau announced their separation on Wednesday, August 2, 2023. The couple said in statements posted on Instagram that they made the decision after “many meaningful and difficult conversations.” They have three children together, Xavier, Ella-Grace, and Hadrien.

The couple said in their statements that they remain “a close family with deep love and respect” for each other. They asked for privacy for the “wellbeing” of their children.

A statement from the prime minister’s office said the couple have signed a legal separation agreement. The statement said that the couple will continue to make public appearances together, and that they will continue to work together on their charitable foundation, the Trudeau Foundation.

Justin Trudeau and Sophie Gregoire Trudeau were married in 2005. They met in 2003, when she was a TV host and he was a member of the Liberal Party of Canada. Trudeau became prime minister in 2015.

The couple’s separation has come as a surprise to many people. They were seen as one of Canada’s most popular couples. However, the couple has been open about the challenges of their marriage in the past. In 2016, Sophie Trudeau spoke about her struggles with postpartum depression.

The couple’s separation is a reminder that even the most successful marriages can face challenges. It is also a reminder that public figures are just as human as everyone else.

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