Beijing’s Flood Protection Plan Sparks Anger in Surrounding Towns

Beijing's Flood

The decision was made to reroute the rushing floods as the flooding disaster in western Beijing became deadlier at the beginning of this week, destroying bridges, washing away hundreds of automobiles at a time, and causing havoc on the metropolis.

The impact was practically immediate. In the capital, the pressure decreased, but the water still needed a place to go.By Tuesday, it had a force the residents of Zhuozhou in the neighboring Hebei Province didn’t anticipate.

The town’s structures quickly turned into islands, cutting it off from the outer world. Water and electricity were quickly cut off.They were in difficulty.For rescue personnel to reach individuals, boats were the logical choice.

Officials in Beijing, however, reported that they were severely short of watercraft for the task at hand because the first rescue operation was concentrated there due to its far greater population.The relief effort arrived by Wednesday.

At a staging area on dry land, there were numerous fire brigade rescue teams, and boats were queued up along a road that had turned into a river. Outboard motors were being used to launch inflatable boats and propel them towards the flooded town center.

Although they weren’t being used to move rock and soil, columns of large, heavy diggers were also entering the secure area of the town. They were there to save folks who were clinging to the strong trucks while carrying just a few possessions. Even the front shovels were occupied.

Neighbors and family members assisted the elderly when they arrived to register at the shelters. They appeared surprised but pleased to be safe.

“We brought nothing with us,” one mom smiled as she cradled her kid. “We just needed to get out and keep this baby safe,” she said, glancing down at her infant.

“All the buildings around us were flooded, some up to the second floor,” an older woman next to her stated.

Some claimed to have lost practically everything when they fled their inundated homes. Nonetheless, they were relieved and appreciative that China’s firefighters had arrived. It has not been a simple task. Several rescue personnel were killed in Beijing while attempting to assist others.

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