Anju, who visited Pakistan, dismisses the Nikah news as a false report


Anju, a 34-year-old Indian woman who reportedly went to Pakistan to marry her Pakistani Facebook friend, Nasrullah, has denied the rumors of her marriage. In a video call with her father, Gaya Prasad Thomas, Anju said that the nikah news was “baseless speculations.” She said that she went to Pakistan to visit Nasrullah’s family and that she had no plans to marry him.

Anju’s father, Gaya Prasad Thomas, said that he was disappointed by the rumors of his daughter’s marriage. He said that he had not approved of Anju’s relationship with Nasrullah and that he had asked her to come back to India.

The rumors of Anju’s marriage have sparked a debate about interfaith marriages in India. Some people have expressed support for Anju’s right to marry the person she loves, while others have criticized her for marrying a Pakistani man.

It is unclear why the rumors of Anju’s marriage started. However, it is possible that they were started by people who disapprove of interfaith marriages. It is also possible that they were started by people who wanted to harm Anju’s reputation.

Whatever the reason for the rumors, they have caused a lot of pain and confusion for Anju and her family. It is important to remember that Anju is a human being with the right to make her own decisions about her life. She should not be judged or harassed because of her relationship with Nasrullah.

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