41 Workers Freed from Collapsed Tunnel in Northern India Uttarakhand

41 Workers Freed from Collapsed Tunnel in Northern India

In a triumphant culmination to a 17-day rescue mission beneath the Himalayas, all 41 workers trapped in a collapsed tunnel in northern India have been successfully freed. The painstaking operation involved drilling through rock and debris to create an escape route for the workers, who had been trapped since November 12 in India’s northern Uttarakhand state.

The collapsed tunnel, which occurred during the construction process, blocked the workers’ only exit with over 60 meters (200 feet) of broken rock, concrete, and twisted metal. The rescue operation faced multiple challenges, including setbacks when heavy machinery used for drilling broke down, prompting a switch to hand-digging and other riskier methods.

Over the weeks, engineers persevered, drilling through the unstable mountain terrain to create an alternative route for the trapped workers. The final two meters were drilled by hand, marking a symbolic moment before the rescued men emerged to cheers of relief.

The rescue effort encountered difficulties when a powerful US-made drill broke down just meters from the trapped workers, leading to a temporary halt in operations. Despite setbacks, the team successfully navigated through the challenging conditions, ultimately pushing a large pipe through the exit shaft to bring the workers to safety.

The trapped workers’ ordeal, lasting 17 days, came to an end with a collective sigh of relief as they emerged from the tunnel. The success of the rescue mission is a testament to the dedication and resilience of the rescue teams who navigated adverse conditions to ensure the safe return of all workers. In this way finally 41 Workers Freed from Collapsed Tunnel.

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